Demo Grow light for Sale – HPS Plant Grow Light 600W Reflector, HPS Globe and Ballast


Complete Professional Grow Light for Sale


  • Reflector and HPS 600W Globe Retail Price is R1950
  • LUCILU Electronic dimmable Ballast 600W Retail Price is R 2750

Accessories required, available, but not included.

  • Electricity Surge protector valued Retail Price is R300
  • Manual timer valued Retail Price is R250

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Azerwing Reflector LA55 VPro S + SunKraft 600W HPS Globe

The new Prima Klima AZERWING LA55-VproS reflector with E40 lampholder for HPS & MH lamps and pre-assembled electric box for easy connect provides homogeneous light distribution without hotspots with reflection up to 95% after patterning process.

  • LA55-Vpro + Sunkraft HPS 600W Bulb
  • Length: 550mm
  • Width: ~500-710mm
  • Height: ~150-200mm
  • Max Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 2.10Kg
  • Socket: E40
  • AZERWING VProS use reflector sheet Vega – unique PVD 4-Layer system.


LUCILU Electronic Dimmable Ballast

Lucilu electronic ballasts bring you all the benefits with none of the drawbacks!
4 power modes 250/400/600/660 W
Dimmable ballast for 600 Watt HID bulbs
Unique design for more efficient cooling
Suitable in high humidity environment – protection class IP 54
4 meters reflector cable already prewired
Up to 15% more lumens
Super silent operation
Low start up current
Internal RF shielded

Ballast Specification:

  • Output: 600 W
  • Dimmable Yes: 250W – 400W – 600W – 660W
  • “Super Lumens” Yes
  • Additional functions :Soft start technology
  • Manufacturer LUCILU, Czech Republic

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120W, 240W, 480W


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