GroRox – Agri Laterlite


Natural clay composition for excellent oxygenation and drainage.

Grorox® clay pebbles are a light and completely re-usable substrate for hydroponic gardening and food production. Unlike rockwool, Grorox® can be dug into garden soil as a drainage improver when no longer required without causing pollution.

We use them in large volume systems like the Aquafram®, and to support plants in net pot containers in Aeroflo® and Rainforest® systems

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Handy Hint:

Before harvesting:

• Wash your beads thoroughly to rinse off residue and dust.
• Check their pH:

Put some beads in a glass of demineralised water (pH<4.0). Stir well and leave to rest.

Measure the pH. If it is high (pH>7.0) then soak overnight in an acidic solution (pH<4.0). Then rinse thoroughly.

After harvesting:

If necessary, especially if your plants have suffered insect infestation or disease we recommend correct disinfection.

Soak in strong pH Down overnight and rinse thoroughly.

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