LED Grow Lights – 301B Full Spectrum+Red+Infra red+UV


HDGrowLights uses the full spectrum LED’s with strengthened red and UV and IR LED’s

The grow lights are easy to install and adjust,they are slim and light, and can adapt any size tent.

  • Samsung 301B and 660nm Red+Infra Red 730nm+LG UV 395nm
  • Colour TempĀ  3500K
  • It has a Meanwell HLG Driver
  • Efficacy is 160LM/W
  • Input AC100-277V 50/60hz
  • CRi <80


  • Balanced full Spectrum
  • Greater absorption by the chlorophyll, which improves photosynthesis significantly
  • Promote flowering and budding
  • Could help the leaves grow fatter
  • Protect the plant from diseases and bugs
  • IR could accelerate the growth of cell

Available in 120W, 240W or 480W



Our LED Full Spectrum grow lights are designed to be the most efficient LED lamps in the market.

100% PPF/W output with lens free design. Lower electricity bills due to the high PPF/W ratio.

Emerson Effect

Photo red and far red light work together to significantly increase photosynthesis.

This boost your plants metabolism and is called the Emerson Effect.

You can also add the dimmer switch for a more controlled environment

Hooks and pulley’s are provided, to make easy adjustments in the grow space

Large heat Dissipation fin’s with no active cooling, which makes it noise free.

Better thermal dissipation giving LED’s lower decay

Higher Yield per Watt

Contact us for custom sizes, greater than 480W, eg 720W


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

120W, 240W, 480W


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