RAM 180mm Oscilating Fan – 20W


The RAM Oscillating Clip Fan is a versatile option for moving air in any grow space.

Each Fan includes multiple clip styles meaning this fan can stand on flat surfaces, hang from a suitable wall screw (screws not included), clip to a horizontal object, or hang from vertical poles (16-25 mm diameter).

The RAM Oscillating Multi Fan has 2 speed settings and includes a 1.4 m UK power cable


The 7-Inch RAM Oscillating Clip on Fan is ideal for moving air around small grow rooms or grow tents.

The fan can be clipped to tent poles or any solid fixing point. The fan head position can be adjusted and fixed to give optimal coverage, it with then oscillate side to side to give a uniform air flow.

The fan has 2 speeds and creates very little noise. The RAM clip on fan uses 15 Watts of power which makes cheap to run.

Come with a second clip to enable tent pole positioning.

Technical Specification 
Impeller size: 180 mm (7”)
Power: 20 W
Voltage: 220-240 V | 50-60 Hz
Speed: 2 speed settings


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