Secret Jardin – WebIT


The ULTIMATE Scrog net 

The WebIT allows you to keep your crops in the centre of your tent without them collapsing. Each corner is equipped with a hook to facilitate installation and an elastic to give more flexibility. This then creates a safe space between your plants and the mylar.



*various different sizes

  • Made of solid elastic fibre of 3mm of diameter, the Secret Jardin WEBIT can be fixed on all tents, with the vertical tubes and allowing your plant to stay up.
  • If your tent has a space booster – 4 horizontal bars – see section – you will be able to attach your WEBIT with the space booster using the CableIT provided, this will stretch them even further.


WebIT90Elastic                Web Plant Support          90×90 cm

WebIT120Elastic              Web Plant Support       120×120 cm

WebIT150Elastic              Web Plant Support       150×150 cm

WebIT240wElastic          Web Plant Support       240×120 cm

WebIT300wElastic          Web Plant Support       300×150 cm

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90x90cm, 120x120cm, 150x150cm, 240x120cm, 300x150cm


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