H.D.5.R – LED Grow Light- Full Spectrum + Far Red 55W


Our new starter Quatum LED Grow Light has the latest technology and innovation in the market.

The Osram Duris E, are formulated for full spectrum growing  with the highest available light for max uptake to your plants growth, from Seedling-Veg-Bloom and smile…

Luxeon SunPlus Far Red added, to boost your bloom stage, less stress on plant more growth=higher yields.

Big Fat Finned Aluminium Heatsink 315x146x121mm which facilitates the passive cooling, the light runs at a cool 20°C

Stable 56W Osram Driver no Flicker build into sealed heatsink . No separate drivers , no messy cabling to worry about.

IP52 waterproof , 220v Plug and Play, Slim design Easy hassle free 20 sec installation -up to 20 lights in daisy chain.

Lifespan of 50k hours easy serviceable 1 year guarantee

Highest PPE/PAR/PPF Led technology is being used to create the Perfect Grow Light

Penetration is  2 µmol/J

You can add a standard rotary dimmer for more controlled environment.

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Led Type: 240  Osram  Duris E

12  Luxeon SunPlus (730nm)

Photosynthetic photon Flux: 90 µmol/s Osram  Duris E

10µmol/s Luxeon SunPlus (730nm)

PAR Photon Efficacy: 2.4 µmol/J @ 65mA Osram  Duris E,

2.6 µmol/J @ 350mA Luxeon SunPlus (730nm)

LED Colour: 3500K Osram  Duris E

730nm Luxeon SunPlus

Life Span: 50 000 hours
Nominal Input Voltage: 200 VAC – 250 VAC
Current @ 230VAC: 0.3 Amps
Surge capability: 1 Ka

Additional Required:

Connector Main leads and Daisy Chain connectors.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 63 × 15 × 12 cm

100h Normal V, 100h Daisy Chain V


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